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How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup?

When you do your glitter eye makeup, you have to start with the eyes first. Falling under the eyes of the sim grains, skin make it look impeccable. You can start with best eyeshadow makeup with a dense pigmented headlight. For this, our preference is definitely on Urban Decay Full Spectrum Pallette. These headlights, which can remain on our eyelids for hours without spoiling, are our secret hero in both day and night glitter makeup!

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glitter eye makeup How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup? how get victoria secret angel makeup

For glitter appearance, you should first apply glitter base. Apply the NYX Professional Make Up Glitter Primer to the entire eyelid. Thanks to this product, the glitter will be fixed to the eyelid of the headlamp and will not move all day long. After applying the primer came to the most enjoyable part of the makeup! NYX Professional Make Up Apply Violet color to the eyelid from the Face & Body Glitter makeup series. You can apply the glitter with your finger or with a headlight brush. When applying the glitter, you can create a tailed look. So your eye makeup will look much more assertive and cool. After applying the glitter, there is not much possibility to distribute or shape with the headlight brush. Therefore, you should be careful when applying glitter. As you glitter, best eyeshadow models will appear. The underlying purple headlight will be your guide. If you place the glitter on the purple headlight, you will avoid too much practice.

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glitter eye makeup How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup? glitter makeup

The most important complement of the glitter makeup is the voluminous eyelashes. You don’t have to wear eyelashes for bulky eyelashes. Maybelline New York Lash With Sensational Intense Black, you get as much lashes and long eyelashes as the false eyelashes. First curl your eyelashes. Then apply subcutaneous mascara with cross movements. You should lay the second floor without waiting for the Mascara to dry. You can also apply mascara to your lower lashes, catching eye integrity with glitter eye makeup.

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