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How to Make Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Nobody wants to ruin her makeup with a bad eye color and a bad color choice. That’s why every green-eyed bride has in mind the question of how to make eye makeup for green eyes. We will tell you eye makeup for gren eyes in this article. The important thing here is to know the colors that are compatible with your eye color and apply it to your makeup. It is not simple eye makeup or just mascara makeup.

Simple Eye Makeup Suggestions

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If you’re a green-eyed green-eyed man, you can use headlights in purple and shades. If you want to add sparkle to your eyes, the foundation and the sealer should be sparkling. In the shades of copper with small shades, use headlights in shades of pink. The glitters of the eyelids will make your eyes look more lively. I suggest you stay away from black eyeliner, black eye pencil and black mascara. Black hardens his eyes and suffocates the eye color. Simple eye makeup is just for you need. Mascara and pencil color for green eyes; If you use chocolate brown eyeliner eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara especially in coffee tones, softens the gaze and emerges the eye color. So you get a more natural look.

Best Mascara Makeup Tips 2019

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One of the most common mistakes made by make-up artists is that they make eye make-up in tones that will prevent the green eyelashes like blue and green. You should not use the same color as your eye color, ie green and blue. Instead of these colors, you can turn to purple, brown tones, earth tones, green in a tone different from the eye color. Best mascara tips will help you. Metallic gray, silver and other shades of gray make the green eye dull and mechanical. That’s why you have to stay away from silver shades. Red, pink, purple and purple hues create a more vivid and bright image because they contrast with the green eye. Eye Makeup for gren eyes is another beauty of makeup steps. For a dark, smoky eye makeup, you should use a dark mistress instead of black and gray tones.

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