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How To Makeup Without Any Mistakes – Makeup School

Makeup is a passion that women cannot give up. However, makeup also has some subtleties. So how to make the right makeup? Today, as we are makeup school team, we will mention about how to makeup properly and without any mistakes. If you want to learn, you can read the whole makeup classes. Our makeup artist school will inform you!

1st Lesson Of Makeup Classes

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According to experts, foundation, must be applied to clean and moistened skin with a damp sponge. The sponge should be washed and dried after each use. It should be applied in a bright place, daytime make-up should be done in daylight, night make-up should be done in a well-lit place. Makeup classes is important. There should be no color difference where the hair bottoms and face meet. The foundation should be spread with small touches in these areas. It should be suitable for the skin color of the chosen foundation and apply as thin layer.

The Best MakeUp Artist School

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The powder should be transparent to emphasize the experts to emphasize, if it is to be used alone, to suit the skin color and should be applied as a thin layer with a large powder brush. Experts, powder and headlights, better to use and stating that the better, often cleaned with sponge rod or soft brushes should be applied. Experts in the color of the eyes do not always give a very good results, saying the experts, the person, by trying to emphasize the need to emphasize the color. According to the makeup artist school, who want to show the eyes of those who want to show even bigger eyes: “Eyelash bottom with black or brown eye pencil should draw a thin line, the tip of the eye should be a little bit. If you are very discrete, you should shade the eye with the headlight of the eye.

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