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How to Make Easy Simple Nail Designs

Nail designs is popular and fun. Of course, everyone has a different style to paint and shape the nails. Basically, this fashion began by painting all the nails in different colors. But today, people are wonders with the nail polish. This has led to several different techniques that give us incredible results. Most women painted their nails in a single color. This is not a bad thing, but there are many ways to cut your own style to your manicure, easy, simple and cheap.

nail designs How to Make Easy Simple Nail Designs nail design

What do you need to do at home?

We tend to think that we can have a good manicure in a beauty salon. However, you can create beautiful designs in your own and get great results for nail designs. Besides plenty of creativity, you’ll also need the following things:

1. Pen

In particular, you can use items made for nail designs. You can also use regular items or any narrow circular object. Likewise, you can do this yourself by attaching a needle to the eraser of a pen. In this way, you can do the points perfectly in your own simple nail design.

2. Liquid Latex

This product has been a hit in nail designs. It gives us the freedom to experiment with paints without causing disaster. The liquid latex is used when applied to the edges of the nails and to the tips of the nails to avoid the use of acetone. It is also widely used in sponge or stamp designs.

nail designs How to Make Easy Simple Nail Designs nail design creative

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