When does skin aging begin?

From birth, new cells are forming in our bodies that contain genetic information and make us what we are. However, from the age of 25, cell activity begins to decrease as the energy level in the body changes, slowing anti aging the renewal of skin cells.

This means that our skin naturally ages – it loses its elasticity, at first soft, fine lines and finally anti aging form.

anti aging cream ANTI AGING CREAM: EFFECTIVE ON YOUNG SKIN? anti aging cream 2

The skin aging is determined by three main factors. Our genes decide on the natural aging process, which we can not influence. In addition, external components play a role, for example environmental influences such as UV radiation and poor air conditions . The third factor is the individual lifestyle: Depending on how well we live, wrinkles or other signs of mature skin sooner or later will form. A healthy lifestyle and adequate UV protection can slow down the aging process. Careful skin care also plays a role in this context.

But when is the use of special wrinkle creams as an anti aging measure for smooth and even skin useful?

anti aging cream ANTI AGING CREAM: EFFECTIVE ON YOUNG SKIN? anti aging cream 3

Anti aging care for young skin?

From the age of 20, the ability of the skin to retain moisture begins to slowly subside. There may be first fine lines. Basically, the care should be tailored to the skin type and age. For example, young skin needs a different care than mature skin because of its even firmer structure.

The appropriate anti aging care to get started are therefore those products whose ingredients can support the natural regeneration of the skin such. For example, Coenzyme Q10 has an antioxidant effect. Nourishing creams for the face and eye area moisturize and ideally have a sun protection factor to counteract photoaging.

From the age of 30, the first wrinkles and lines are already more clearly visible. The creams may now be even richer. From when anti aging products with special anti wrinkle formulas are necessary, depends primarily on the individual skin type. Most of the products were developed for women over 35 years old.

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