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Dry Skin Symptoms and Treatment Methods

Dry skin; it may be a mild, transient condition that lasts for several days to weeks and may become a more serious and prolonged skin problem in others. In addition, external factors such as air can affect the severity of skin dryness. For example, cold or dry air and winter weather can aggravate dry skin. In addition, people who have to wash and sterilize their hands continuously depending on their profession may experience more dry skin problems. Dry skin can also occur as a side effect of some drugs.

Itchy Skin Problems and Treatment at Home

Under the pruritus that starts in your body and does not exceed one, it can have important reasons from skin diseases to diabetes, liver diseases and psychiatric diseases. The most severe time zone, place and accompanying findings may give important clues about the cause of itchy skin. The most severe time zone, place and accompanying findings may give important clues about the cause of itching. It is necessary to evaluate the patient presenting with itching. It is very important when it starts. It should be investigated whether changes in environmental factors are related to drugs, foods, detergents and allergens.

How to get rid of Skin Rash problem?

dry skin Dry Skin Symptoms and Treatment Methods skin rash

Skin rash in the limited and small areas of the body are usually caused by an external skin problem. These can be an allergic reaction to a substance, a regional skin inflammation or skin disease. Rash in the whole body is usually a sign of an internal problem, and there are usually four main causes: disorders of the digestive system, drug reactions, some cancers and thyroid problems. Since both the liver and the kidney are the organs responsible for filtering the toxic substances from the blood stream, the Dry Skin can be seen throughout the body in the problems associated with them. If toxic substances they do not accumulate in the blood, they can cause these symptoms. Iron deficiency anemia occurs when there is not enough red blood cells in the body. In this case, the immune system to react to the accumulation of substances is thought to have rash.

How Can Be Treated Dry Skin On Face Problems?

dry skin Dry Skin Symptoms and Treatment Methods dry skin on faceCancers that affect the immune system, especially leukemia and lymphoma, can cause rash all over the body. In leukemia patients, blood leaking from capillaries just below the skin can cause small red spots on the skin. Lymphoma patients are not seen in these, but it is an itchy and red skin problem.If the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone, a common dry skin on face can be seen in the form of small masses called Graves ati dermopathy. This problem is caused by the immune system attacking the thyroid gland and disrupting the balance of the hormones it produces.

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