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New Skin Care Product is Suitable for Autumn

Now the summer is in our mirror, it’s time for everything in the fall-cool, fall, all kinds of salt and, of course, summer warmest is beautiful. In addition to clothing and footwear, we also swapping out some of our skin care products during the summer and are not really preventive. This helps our skin change to the temperature and the lower, which can be removed from the skin.

Studies have shown that many types of fat and lipid are common in warm months. In particular, the natural lipids of stratum corneum, cancer, fatty acids, and cholesterol are less common during the cold months.

The first thing that the change you have done is to convert to a gentler, more than a good drink color, more creamy moisturizing cream. This product contain many oils from ointments and gels, making them more skin care.

After the summer-day of sunshine and UV problems that come with them, the fall is a good time for skin care and bacteria. Do not think, the end of summer means the last day of disaster – be sure to use sunscreen, even when it’s cool and you can see the sun. UV rays can occur each year, and pneumococcal vaccine everywhere in the summer.

So when you are planning to walk with your summer skin (at least until next year), let’s look at the best product to replace them. This is good for the fall that dermatologists use without raving about.

My Skin Mentor Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel, $28

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Every week exfoliating peeling of your skin to clean the skin and even out of your skin. Use powdered milk after wearing it at night. Using it, use black rocks on the skin and tighten it with your fingers and rinse it thoroughly.

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